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Restin for Music Festivals and Events

Benefits for Organisers, Performers and Cre

  • The physical setup and rigging of a festival site is hectic work, which often continues right up to the start of the event and begins again as soon as it ends. Restin modules can be carried on tour trucks or delivered to the site by the organiser to offer moments of peace and rest for crews and performers alike.
  • Audiences can also be accommodated close to the site by setting up Restin modules in nearby sports halls, schools or other vacant facilities.

Benefits for Festival Goers 

  • Although you don't go to a festival to sleep, you will still need a break from time to time during the weekend - Restin is the ideal solution.
  • With Restin, you can not only stay closer to the site but also spend less than you would at a hotel, which is a plus especially for younger revellers.


In spectacular sport events, concerts and festivals the audience would like to have accommodation close to the event - Affordable Pop Up - hotel arise instantly to sport halls, empty shopping centers, school gym halls and classes.