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Hotels, hostels and inns


Restin accommodation modules are suitable for accommodation companies. Restin modules can be used for increasing accommodation capacity in high seasons and peak times.

Modules are a suitable solution for accommodation companies like hostels and inns. Customer can enjoy peace and privacy by closing the door curtain.


Summer Campaign  - Extra accommodation capacity quickly:

Is accommodation a challenge when your company needs season employees?

Restin accommodation modules can be set up very quickly in empty buildings. Modules themselves are room dividers and according to the need modules can be arranged to groups or individual rooms.

The building can be old office premises, a school, office building, storage or a production hall.

Now we sell or rent limited batch of blue-white Restin modules for up to two weeks delivery time!

Restin modules can be delivered pre-assebled or in elements that are assembled quickly on the site. The size and the shape of the building's doors, windows and transportation routes determine the mode of delivery.

General delivery time is about 8 weeks depending on the selected color and surface options, quantities and standard of equipment of the chosen unit.

Please, send a request an offer! We will tailor our offer to suit your individual needs. Contact: seija.hirvonen@adhoc.fi tel. +358407487580

We cooperate with Rental Store Finland Ltd. The company is specialized in the site accommodation operation. Together we can offer movable building or buildings each including approximately 50 beds, toilet and shower facilities, kitchen and social areas.

Buildings can be placed on graveled or blacktop field that includes water, sewer and electricity couplers.

RSF Reference pictures www.aanekoski.rentalstore.fi