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Emergency Accommodations

Restin offers a humane solution for temppageorary needs to accommodate large numbers of asylum seekers, evacuated populations or other homeless groups.

Benefits of Restin Accommodations for Organisers:

Accommodations can be arranged very quickly in existing buildings or facilities. 

The space can be restored to its original purpose once accommodations are no longer needed. 

No construction work or permanent structural changes are required. 

Capacity can be increased or decreased as needed to ensure a cost-efficient accommodation solution. 

Existing buildings that are not otherwise suitable for the purposes of accommodation, such as office buildings and industrial hangars, can also be used. 

The accommodation modules are quick and easy to maintain and clean. 

The modules can be monitored in different ways for enhanced safety.

Benefits of Restin Accommodations for Users: 

With a personal space for each user, this is a unique way to accommodate a great number of people in large facilities. 

The space is lockable, and access and usage can be controlled using a booking system. 

Each user is able to enjoy peace and privacy and leave their belongings in a personal space. 

The modules can be combined in different configurations, for example to house families and extended families.